WB-02 Westerton Fairlie Parish Church

Westerton Fairlie Parish Church

In the early days of Westerton village inhabitants either attended New Kilpatrick Church in Bearsden for religious worship or services were held in resident’s homes and the village hall.
There was a local farming family called Fairlie, who were members of the New Kilpatrick Church. When Mr Fairlie died he left £32,000, known as the Fairlie Bequest to the Church of Scotland. When one of his sons James, also died, his sisters requested a church be built in Westerton in his memory. The site was chosen in Crarae Avenue and the land bought. George, the last of the siblings laid the memorial stone in 1956. Unfortunately he died before the church was completed and the church opened in 1957 and was named in the memory of the Fairlie family.

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