WB-14 Roman Road

Roman Road, looking from Drymen Road at Bearsden Cross

The Roman military way ran through the middle of the Bearsden Fort and served to defend the Roman wall, running along the same line as the main street that is today known as Roman Road.
Roman Road was ground where roman soldiers walked. Whether the army themselves built the road or enlisted local labour to do so, is unknown. The site of the Roman Bath House can still be seen on Roman Road today.
Prior to the 19th century thatched whitewashed cottages would have lined the road. Later, one of the most significant buildings on the road was that of the Old School. The School housed the parish library, savings bank, dancing classes and acted as a meeting place for residents. At the junction of Roman and Drymen Road is an imposing War Memorial to honour those who fought in the First World War.

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