BL-11 Auld Wives’ Lifts

Carvings on Auld Wives Lifts

It is believed by many that the Auld Wives’ Lifts on Craigmaddie Muir have to do with worship of some sort. It has certainly been a place of pilgrimage for centuries.
They consist of three extremely large pieces of grey sandstone, one propped on top of the other two with a space between them. Couples who were considering marriage used to try and squeeze through the gap in an anticlockwise direction; if they weren’t successful, the marriage was doomed!
Legend has it that three Baldernock, Strathblane and Campsie witches carried the stones to prove their strength but the Baldernock witch tossed her stone on top of the other two.
The rocks are covered in carved graffiti as well as around eight or so carved heads or faces. These have a primeval look about them but are probably fairly recent. The surrounding rocks have several cup and ring marks as well as other markings, including an eye. Perhaps millstones had been carved from this rock.

Fiona Howie, Baldernock Community

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