WB-06 Arts and Crafts Listed Buildings

Arts & Crafts Buildings, Maxwell Avenue

The layout of Westerton Garden Suburb aimed to make the surroundings as attractive as possible. Raymond Unwin, a key figure in the garden suburb movement, planned the layout to originally consist of 120 houses. The houses were designed by Glasgow based architect John A W Grant in an English Suburban style, modelled on cottages of the Cotswolds, which originated out of the Arts and Crafts movement. The first Arts and Crafts style houses were detached and designed for well-to-do families. The style was then taken up by the garden suburbs for people with modest incomes.
The houses were lower in height with long sloping roofs and were usually pebble-dashed with windows being casement rather than sash. The facades were flat, sometimes with half timbering and with gable and dormer windows.
The first 45 houses to be built were in Maxwell Avenue and Stirling Avenue (named after Sir John Maxwell Stirling). The opening ceremony and laying of the foundation stone took place on 19th April 1913, and the houses were ready for occupancy a few weeks later.

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