Untold Stories of Westerton Women

01.11.14 / By Fiona Dean / Exploring Women's Histories
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In October, Trails and Tales partnered with Glasgow Women’s Library to deliver the first of a series of workshops exploring untold stories of women from across East Dunbartonshire. From discussion to hands on activities, local participants worked together to share and map stories of women, their achievements and locations. The 2 hour session resulted in a really lively evening of discussion and a large-scale map of East Dunbartonshire, adorned with red dots, each representing an East Dunbartonshire woman, her location, achievements and contributions whether local, national or international. From well known names such as Jessie M. King, Joan Eardley and Margot Sandeman through to those whose contributions are more recognised locally, the event produced an amazing array of women who deserve to be recognised and remembered, including local teachers, nurses and guide leaders whose work links to broader areas of social and cultural significance. Documentation of the project shows the diversity of women and places across the local authority being uncovered and is creating opportunity for broader research to delve more deeply into some of the histories.

Image, Glasgow Women’s Library exploring women’s histories workshop Westerton