Lenzie Women's Histories

05.02.15 / By Fiona Dean / Exploring Women's Histories
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Dean House in Lenzie hosted the 3rd Trails and Tales’ women’s history event and we had a full house of contributors and some more wonderful insights to women in East Dunbartonshire. Kicked off by Glasgow Women’s Library GWL the night involved an introduction to Trails and Tales, a short quiz about women in Scotland and East Dunbartonshire and information about GWL’s women make history programme, before the group set about creating and mapping the wide ranging women they felt should be remembered for their contributions. Previous events have been held at Westerton and Torrance all uncovering a wide range of women’s histories which Trails and Tales hope to mark in some way over the course of the project. From Lady provost’s to Play Group leaders, Teachers, TV presenters, Golfers and ‘Misses Kincaid’ who once owned the well known Red Tub Tea Rooms, the range of women is growing and we aim to build up more detail of these rich histories over the next year. Further Exploring Women’s Histories events are planned to enable opportunity for each town/village to map women histories local to their area and we will support volunteers to create their own virtual trail/ history walk. If you have an interest in Women’s history and walking outdoors please contact us and we can arrange an event in your area.