TO-09 Torrance Community Centre

Map of Torrance Primary School, 1918

Torrance Primary School, which educated the children of Torrance, Balmore and the surrounding farms, was built in 1899 and closed in 1978 when the new school was opened in West Road. Shortly afterwards, the building was reconfigured to become the Community Centre to meet the needs of a growing village.

The four classrooms, hall, cloakrooms, boiler room and kitchen became three general purpose rooms, lounge and kitchen. Indoor toilet facilities were installed. The original staff room is now the caretaker’s office. The school sheds and toilets situated in the playground were demolished to make room for car parking.

The Community Centre is used mainly for recreation, including dancing and yoga classes, a cycling club, and a bridge club. It is also used as a Polling Station.

Although now a little tired (due to lack of funding) it is a good example of upcycling which benefits the community.

Liz Capie

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