BL-01 Baldernock Parish Church

There has been a church or place of worship on this site since about 1236 AD. The present church building dates back to 1795. Baldernock Kirk is the background for the successful Graham Moffat play Bunty Pulls the Strings, first produced at the Haymarket Theatre in London in 1911.
In 1977, ladies of the congregation set about the task of sewing tapestries for the seats of the 10 elders’ chairs and a cushion for the minister’s chair. The tapestries were designed by Miss Catherine Woods of J & P Coats, and the ladies, who were not expert sewers, were coached, helped and encouraged by Mrs Ella Shaw who was an experienced embroiderer. The resulting tapestries in blue and gold, depicting several scenes in the parish, are beautiful.

The small watchtower, the quite unique, octagonal building at the gate, was built for local people to maintain a night watch against the plundering of resurrectionists (body snatchers) keen to sell bodies to the Glasgow medical schools.

Fiona Howie, Baldernock Community

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