Exploring Women’s Hidden Histories at Bishopbriggs Library

25.10.15 / By Esmee Thompson-Smith / Exploring Women's Histories

Another great event with Glasgow Women’s Library, this time at Bishopbriggs Library. There were enthusiastic conversations about local women that participants wish to celebrate through being recognised on a physical map. One such woman is Sister Laura. Sister Laura’s Infant Food Company was established in Bishopbriggs in 1911 as a result of efforts by Laura M. Smith who worked as a nurse at The Royal Hospital for Sick Children in Glasgow. Distressed by the lack of proper nourishment endured by many children she developed a powdered milk supplement which when added to undiluted cow’s milk made it more digestible for young and weak children. The basis of the recipe was high quality milled wheat which was subjected to “great heat to dextrinize the starch”. While originally intended only for children, Sister Laura’s Food was also marketed to “invalids and convalescents”, “expectant and nursing mothers” and was recommended as an aid to digestion and a palliative for insomnia. A special discount of 5% was offered on all orders over £3 if chemist retailers displayed in their windows the Sister Laura display material for seven days.Sister Laura’s Infant and Invalid Food Company’s Springfield works closed in 1981. www.edlc.co.uk
Look out for the Bishopbriggs map soon which will appear in the maps section of our exploring Women’s Hidden Histories projects page.