TW-03 The Store Row

Miners Rows, Twechar

There is a long history of mining activity in the Twechar locality but it was not until the coming of William Baird and Co. to the area, about 1860, that a close-knit mining community was created. Pits were sunk at Twechar and Gartshore and a row of workers’ houses was built on the south bank of the canal, just east of Twechar Bridge. This soon proved inadequate and around 1880 the Barrhill Rows were constructed at right angles to Main Street, on its western side. At first there were four rows, supplemented by two more about 1900, by which date the total number of dwellings in the rows was 160. The row nearest the canal included a Gartsherrie Cooperative shop and accordingly was know as the ‘Store Row’.

You can see the ‘Store Row’ on the right of this photograph with the Canal in the background.

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