TO-07 Torrance Tenement

Ferguslea Terrace, Torrance

“I always enjoyed visiting my grandparents at Ferguslea. My Mum and Aunt May grew up there and the whole building was full of friendly people. There was a rota for wash day and I would go down to the wash house and help my Granny with her washing, especially those huge white sheets! We would then put it out to dry in the shared back green which was next to the field with the Buchanan’s cows in it or have to put it up in the pulley
inside their flat. All the tenants had an allocated allotment at the front of the building and for some reason my Pop, (Grandpa) had two areas which he looked after right up until he was 90. Again, I used to enjoy walking around the gardens as they were all different. Some had fruit bushes, vegetables and lovely flowers or a mixture of all three. Sadly, once the flats began to be sold off, the atmosphere of the place changed. Up until recently, not sure if it is still going, the building was cared for by a group of people who ran the Ferguslea Trust. The two storey was built first then the three storey was added on.”

Anne Sneddon

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