LX-01 The Cooperative

The Lennoxtown Friendly Victualling Society was founded in 1812. Today it would be known as a co-operative or the Co-op. Before its formation Lennox Mill workers were paid in tokens that could only be redeemed in the Mill owner’s shop. In 1812 a group of workers planned a different system of shopping that involved buying goods in bulk, selling them at a profit and then sharing the profits out amongst the group. Offering a wide range of products and services the Lennoxtown Friendly Victualling Society included a grocers, chemist, bakery, butcher, drapery, milk and coal deliveries and even a shoe shop. This Co-operative was one of the first of its kind in the world.

Time Travellers: Building and People – Campsie Local History Group
Happy 200th Birthday to Lennoxtown Friendly Victualling Society 1812 — 2012 — Marion Donnachie and Rena Shirreffs of Campsie Local History Group

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