WB-08 St Germain’s Loch

St Germains Loch Bearsden

Bearsden has two Loch’s Kilmardinny and St Germain’s. The Parish of New Kilpatrick, now Bearsden, took its name from St Patrick. St Germanus, was a companion of St Patrick and the Loch’s name, dating back to the early 1800s, is said to come from this association. In spite of the obvious dangers, the Loch became known as good spot for villagers to skate on during the cold winter months.
Some of the most desirable properties in the area surround the Loch and today St Germain’s is overlooked by the houses on Rubislaw Drive and Lochend Road. The Loch was said to have been a draw for the wealthy businessmen of Glasgow looking to set up home out with the city.

Old Bearsden — William M McKinlay and Ian B Hamilton

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