WB-09 Sandeman House

Margot Sandeman was born in 1922 in Glasgow. From an artistic background, her parents were Archibald Sandeman, a water colourist and Muriel Boyd, an internationally known embroiderer at the Glasgow School of Art. Margot, herself, attended the Glasgow School of Art too but her time was cut short due to the outbreak of the Second World War. She became close friends with contemporaries Joan Eardley and Ian Hamilton Finlay, collaborating with the latter on a series of paintings. Her talent was recognised by many, winning multiple awards over the years, notably the RSA’s Guthrie Award in 1958 and the Scottish Arts Council Award in 1970. Her work has been exhibited throughout Britain and the USA and included solo exhibitions at the Richard Demarco Gallery in Edinburgh and the Hughson Gallery in Glasgow.

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