KW-21 Old Aisle Cemetery and Belfry

Old Aisle Cemetery and Watch Tower, Kirkintilloch

The Old Aisle is the principal cemetery of Kirkintilloch. It began as the churchyard for St Ninian’s, the parish church of Kirkintilloch and Cumbernauld, which was founded c 1140. In 1644 a new church called St Mary’s was built in Kirkintilloch (the building is now the Auld Kirk Museum), but due to a lack of space at the new church, people continued to be buried at the Old Aisle. A new section of the Old Aisle was opened by the Parish Council in 1863 and over the years the Old Aisle has been extended and continues in use today.
It is believed that the watchtower, gateway and belfry were built in the 17th century possibly from stones from the old 12th century church of St Ninian which was on that site. It is Grade A listed by Historic Environment Scotland.

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