WB-12 New Kilpatrick Church

New Kilpatrick Church

The original church of Kilpatrick on this site dates from the 13th century. At the time of 1643 the parish was divided into Wester or “Old” and Easter or “New” Kilpatrick. The New Kilpatrick church was built in 1649 as a simple rectangular church with small belfry. By the beginning of the 19th century the church was in a poor state of repair and had to be rebuilt. The new church was completed in 1808 initially holding a congregation of 800.
The arrival of the railway had brought about an increase in population to Bearsden and by 1873 extensions to the church were required to fit the growing congregation. In 2001 the church was made a category ‘A’ listed building, a key factor in achieving this status was down to the Church’s impressive stain glass windows.

Record of the Church Furnishings of New Kilpatrick Parish Church — The Arts Society Bearsden and Milngavie Group

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