TO Miss Pirie & the Girl Guides

Torrance Girl Guides were founded in 1924, and are still running today, with many of their meetings being held in Caldwell Halls.
Their log books provide an interesting written and visual account of Torrance Guides, as recorded by their founder ‘Captain’ Miss Sheena Pirie of Wardend, Torrance. There are twelve volumes in total. The log books contain writing, photographs, postcards and drawing relating to Torrance Guides events, outings and activities. They are a reflection of Miss Pirie’s remarkable contribution to the Guides and the community. She held practically all of the offices open to a Guide leader and served for over 40 years.
Daughter of well-known Scottish artist and president of the RSA, Sir George Pirie, she clearly inherited some of her father’s creative talent, evident in the illustrations in the log book margins. Miss Pirie’s entries are accompanied by the date, a description of the weather and an illustration.

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