MC-04 Lillyburn Pulp Works

After the closure of the calico printwork in 1929, the factory lay empty until 1935 and, with the help of the Stirlings of Glorat, a Mr Porteous from Kent arrived and much to the satisfaction of the villages established a company called Universal Pulp Containers. The factory thrived and produced products for all over Britain and Europe, using highly skilled labour throughout the factory, each employee was given an employee handbook, and in 1960’s you could join a superannuation scheme (males coat was 3/9d, females 3/- per week). Departments within the pulp works:
1) Production operations and dryer attendants
2) Production:- Fitters and mates, electricians
3) Packing Department
4) Spraying Department
5) General: Stores, joiner, shop, building maintenance, fire fighting dept. Canteen and cleaning Staff
1967 Wages per week approx. £13.25p. + overtime
A wide variety of eco friendly products were produced including whisky containers, Villiers, Churches and the Christmas market.
The works arranged Christmas parties and helped with Gala Days many residents still remember the “good times” when family members worked in the factory. The factory changed hands in the late 1970/early 80’s to become Universal Pulp Packaging Ltd. Other businesses opened within some units of the factory including Glen Upholstery Service, Appin Dentist Labs, Stuart Joiners.
Sadly the whole factory closed in 2002/3. Sadly Lillyburn lay empty and in a poor state and derelict until Springfield Homes bought the area in 2013. The whole factory area was cleared and housebuilding started and is now complete. Very little of the former industries of Milton of Campsie are noticeable but if you look carefully you may see old industry machines, water weirs on the Glazert and dates of when buildings were built i.e. pre1900.

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