LX-14 High Church and Grave Yard

An increase in population due to the success of the Calico Printing industry in Lennoxtown lead to the new Campsie High Church being built to replace the original Campsie Parish Church of St Machan at Clachan of Campsie.
Campsie High Church is situated in the centre of Lennoxtown and sits on the summit of local viewpoint Quarry Brae. The church was a commanding A-listed building designed by the Glasgow architect David Hamilton. He also designed Lennox Castle and Cadder Church, Bishopbriggs. Campsie High Church could seat up to 1600 people. The foundation stone was laid on the 21 June 1827 and it opened in 1828.
In 1979 it was decided that when the High Church and the Trinity Church in Lennoxtown merged, Trinty Church would be the joint place of worship and the church was sold. In 1984, shortly after the sale, a fire ripped through the church. Only the ruins of the church remain today.
In Campsie High Church graveyard there is a memorial for the Rev. Dr Norman MacLeod. Situated at the north-east corner the tall cross memorial was erected to honour the Rev. Dr MacLeod as he was the churches first minister and the main advocator for Campsie High Church’s construction.

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