LX-05 Field of Blood

Stirlingshire, Sheet XXVIII, Survey date: 1859, Publication date: 1865

In the early 1800s smugglers and illicit stills were said to be popular in the area. On one occasion when the Macgregors, using the name Colqhouns, were attacking the Campsie Valley, driving off cattle, they discovered a smugglers’ Still on the hill. They secured the stolen cattle in the field between Easter Muckcroft and New Mill of Glorat. Taking whisky from the discovered still, they chose to stop and enjoy it. The farmers, angered by their cattle theft, could not defend themselves as they were outnumbered. Aware that the whisky was being drunk in great volume by the Macgregor’s in their camp, they waited until most were either drunk or asleep and then they retaliated. The fight was described as being ruthless and bloody, with the farmers successfully getting there cattle back from the Macgregor’s. The area where this took place is marked on the Ordnance Survey Map as the “Field of Blood”.

Walks around Lennoxtown — Strathkelvin District Council
The Parish of Campsie — John Camero

Image reproduced with the permission of the National Library of Scotland

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