MG-03 Clober Road Laundry

The laundry began operating in 1882 in Main Street and moved to larger premises on Clober Road as the business became more successful. With more than 200 employees Clober Laundry was one of the biggest employers in the town, owned by a Mr Robert Learmont and Provost Joseph K Fairlie. It contained the latest machinery to aid in the quality production of linen and became regarded as one of the best equipped laundries in Scotland.
After the Second World War commercial laundry work declined with the availability of labour saving devices such as washing machines and eventually the business closed.
The laundry buildings were later converted into flats. During the conversion a well was uncovered that had been a water source for the laundry whenever the Allander water supply was low.
Other incarnations of the building include a gymnastics equipment company, car mechanics and Scout Hall.

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