LX-07 Campsie Spring

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Campsie Spring Ltd. secured a lease in 1985 to draw water from the lower slopes of the Campsie Hills, on the Glorat Estate. Having initially produced bottled water for supermarkets own-labels, and then been bought over by Greencore and now Highland Spring, this plant has bottled water with a variety of names. These include: Caledonian, Glenburn Spring, Glencairn Spring, Scottish Natural Mineral Water, Strath Lomond, Strathglen, Strathlomond Mountain Spring and Hydr8.

The water here has been filtered through the volcanic rock of the Campsie Fells and is sourced from a number of natural springs and boreholes. It is said that the natural springs on the Glorat Estate have been maintained by the Stirling Family since 1508!

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