LX-08 Calico Printing Site

Workers from Lennoxmill Printfield on an outing at White Bridge, Crow Road

The Lennox Mill gave employment to the people of Lennoxtown for over 150 years, originally as a grain mill then as the Calico print works in 1786. One of the largest was the Lennox Mill, however, there was also Printworks in Milton of Campsie, Newtown of Campsie, Kincaid and Lilyburn.
Cotton that came from Manchester was bleached and printed on here. The fields surrounding the print works were used in the calico bleaching process, becoming locally known as the “White Fields”.
The print works closed in 1929 due to the costly expenditure of transporting the cotton.
Calico Way is the name given to a street of new housing development in Lennoxtown, a homage to the calico Printworks on the site of the houses.

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