BL-10 Robinsfield House

Robinsfield House, Baldernock

Robinsfield House was built c1907 for Robert Macaulay Stevenson, the painter, one of the Glasgow Boys. It contained two very large studios, within a rambling baronial style house, built around an old farmhouse and 18th century tower house. Although there is controversy as to the extent of Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s involvement in Robinsfield, there seems to be little doubt that he had a hand in the design. There are many stylistic components which are compatible with Mackintosh’s work and similar to features in Glasgow School of Art.
Unfortunately, by 1985 the building had fallen into disrepair and was in a very poor condition. The property was converted into several large flats while retaining the exterior of the building to its original condition.

Fiona Howie, Baldernock Community

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