BL-03 Fluchter Mill

Nellie Duncan, with her sister and husband, outside Fluchter Mill in Baldernock

Fluchter Mill, which originally served Bardowie, was one of three mills in Baldernock, although no trace of the Fluchter Mill buildings now remain. The lade, where water was diverted to turn the mill wheel, can be found on old maps.
Tenant farmers were thirled to a particular mill, which meant that the grain produced had to be ground at that mill, for which they paid the miller (known as multure).
Mr Buchanan, the miller at Fluchter Mill was said to own an illicit still and was unsuccessfully confronted by the gaugers (excisemen) trying to find the whisky he had hidden.
Nellie and Eddie Duncan, who lived at Fluchter in the 1940s, had several animals, including geese, hens and goats. Local schoolchildren used to take to the fields, to avoid passing the Goose Hoose where the geese could be quite vicious, running out from the garden to chase off the children.

Fiona Howie, Baldernock Community

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