BL A new Muckle Ash for Balmore

The Kelvin Valley Floods of December 1994 affected many people. Numerous homes had to be evacuated, and restoration lasted over six months. The event was commemorated in Baldernock by planting a tree at Acredyke, beside the main road west of Balmore. An ash was chosen because of a famous mid-19th century predecessor, the ‘Muckle Ash of Balmore’, then one of the finest trees in the west of Scotland. Magnus Magnusson planted the new tree in March 1996, with the assistance of local school pupils, and likened it to the mythical Nordic tree Yggdrasil. The twentieth anniversary of planting was marked with a memorial stone, carved with the words: ‘A NEW MUCKLE ASH FOR BALMORE / MARKING THE GREAT FLOOD OF 1994 — YGGDRASIL’, and EDC enhanced the site with wild flower beds. Magnus Magnusson’s daughter Sally unveiled the stone, and the Minister led a prayer of dedication.

Nial Logan, Baldernock History Group

For more information please see here. The memorial site is not on this trail but can be found on Balmore Road

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