Working with Older Generations

Activity Reminisence, Story Telling

Work has already began with various care homes, we are looking for community groups to work with over 2015 please do contact us if you know of a group who may be interested in this opportunity, in particular those villages which do not have a care home or day care centre.


Working with care homes and sheltered housing complexes, artists will collect memories with older people which we can then share with other groups. There is the ability to circulate a series of objects and photographs around venues and to also look at Maps of our towns and villages. These activities act as stimulus for conversation. Collecting stories from older generations is a priority for the Trails and Tales Project, we are not only limited to working with care homes and sheltered housing complexes, we would like to work with any groups who gather reguarly and are interested in reminising with us.

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  • Working with Older Generations