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Pecha Kucha is a performance presentation of 20 slides with 20 seconds to present each slide. Each pupil will present a Pecha Kucha to their class at the end of a 6-week block of workshops and also participate in a Trails and Tales Pecha Kucha heritage and arts community event. Drama practitioner, Kate Black and visual artist Rachel Mimiec will facilitate these workshops.

These presentations will support the research of the Trails and Tales Project, a major public art and heritage initiative in East Dunbartonshire.

Pupils will be introduced to a range of work by local artists and innovators for example Joan Eardley, Rita Cowan, Sadie MCLellan and George Pirie. A selection of work and information about these artists is held in East Dunbartonshire’s Collections. Pupils will select and undertake research into an artist of interest to themselves and relevant to their Art and Design practice. Through this research into the life and work of the artist or innovator, pupils will identify connections between their own ways of working in art and design and the kinds of processes, materials, ideas and sources of inspiration within their chosen persons’ work. They will also consider the wider impact these artists have had on national/international arts and heritage.This will provide the content for the Pecha kucha presentations.

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