Industries within Living Memory

Lead Artist Trevor Cromie
Activity Drawing, Print Making, research , Visual Arts

Trevor is exploring the archival collection at William Patrick Library and The Auld Kirk Museum.

Through this exploration he is interpreting the collection creatively and engaging with the community through participatory practice. This project will create awareness of the archive, make it assessable and engage people in their local heritage. Trevor has chosen to explore industries within living memory, using objects from the collection and finding and creating new objects with the community.

As a starting point he read all the accession books from the Auld Kirk Museum, these log books detail every single object in the collection from 1974 to the present day. Reading through these, some objects really jumped out and caught his attention; a pair of boots carved from coal, the Caurnie Soaperie story and the paper pulp factory and the objects they made. For Trevor the boots made from coal obliquely and tantalising referenced an within living memory industry that had been incredibly important to East Dunbartonshire. The boots have a strong visual currency, are curious and ambiguous in form, rich in personal story and redolent in history. This was the genesis of an idea and a starting point for the project. Trevor will hold an object exhibition of work at the Lillie Art Gallery in August 2015.

Trevor is now trying to find ‘link’ families for both Caurnie Soaperie and the Paper Pulp Factory. If you know if anyone connected to these industries please contact us.