Wrapped in tissue paper

  • a Auld Kirk Museum store 1
  • b Auld Kirk Museum store 2
  • c Auld Kirk Museum store 3
  • d Auld Kirk Museum collection
  • e William Partick Archive 1
  • f William Patrick Archive 2

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When I first started working on the project I wanted to get a sense of what the archives and collections held. One of the best ways to do that was to meet the people who know their collections and archives inside out. So I met with Peter McCormack, Museums Development Officer, who as part of his job, is in charge of the Auld Kirk Museum Collection. I also met with Janice Miller, Archivist at East Dunbartonshire Leisure and Culture (EDLC), and with the Lillie Art Gallery team, James Higgins, Team Leader and Andrea O’Neil, Cultural Assistant. Their enthusiasm and knowledge was infectious, their help all the way through has been invaluable. Best of all they gave me access to the stores and allowed me to have a good nosey around. While it was amazing to see the breath and diversity contained in them I was also struck by the amount of material they housed and the fact nearly everything was wrapped in tissue paper and stored in boxes to protect them. If I were to unpack and unwrap everything I would still be doing this by the end of the year long project!