Walking in Cadder with Carol Primrose

30.07.14 / By Fiona Dean /
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In July, myself, Esmee and Lizzie went on a guided walk of the Cadder area with local historian Carol Primrose. Meeting at Cadder Church, you immediately realise how many ‘hidden’ places there are to be found in East Dunbartonshire – driving from Glasgow as I did, turning off a busy main road, suddenly you are in a quiet street, crossing the canal and into the leafy lanes of Cadder church. An impressive building from the outside it sits on a gentle slope that we walked along and up with a wider group of people on Carol’s tour. Carol told us some of the background and features to the church (later we delivered a workshop here as part of the Thomas Muir Festival, and inside had the pleasure of seeing the remarkable stained glass, which had been pointed out by Carol as part of the walk, including that by East Dunbartonshire born artist Sadie Mclellan ). Carol’s knowledge is rich and descriptive, as we walked the roads to the grounds and house of Cawder Golf Club. A former family seat of the Stirling Maxwell’s, although now the club house, it remains imposing and impressive both inside and out. A portion of the Roman Antonine Wall runs through the course and passing through the honeycombed stone pillars of the entrance way, Carol then took us through the lower corridors of the house to a small room, where, on a wall behind some perspex was a remarkable Roman Legionary Stone. The walk was full and informative and ended with discussion over some generous and welcome hospitality in the Club lounge before being treated to a VIP Club shuttle service back to the walk starting point!