Twechar animations - ideas becoming reality

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The group of Twechar kids are now busy making the artwork for their first ideas for a cartoon. Everyones telling their own short stories of events and places they remember in and around Twechar. So far we’ve got:

Memories of local place ‘the brambles’ where they used to play hide and seek and throw blackberries at each other! This was bulldozed to make way for new houses.

Memories of riding bikes along the canal, with a few stunts thrown in.

Someone local building a shed/treehouse, which after years of neglect became a place to hang out for others. It had sofas in it and a dart board, plus all sorts of other things to tempt in locals.

There were other ideas but not yet developed.

Some of the boys have now finished making card puppets of themselves and practiced animating. Theyre now working on backgrounds and props. Animating next week I hope!