Trails and Tales Community meeting and discussion event

26.05.15 / By Fiona Dean /

Kimardinny Arts centre was the venue for Trails and Tales’ community meeting and discussion, offering opportunity for community representatives from across East Dunbartonshire to hear about work to date on Trails and Tales. Participants came from many of the local history and heritage groups as well as more widely. Esmee Thompson, Trails and Tales programme manager gave an overview of the project, putting work to date into context; Fiona Dean, project co-ordinator, shared the wide ranging creative practices that artists were using to engage communities in heritage ideas, as well as generating more personal heritage stories often drawn from participants’ direct experiences and Lizzie Smith from Collective Architecture, outlined how the ideas being generated were being banked for the development of trails. Participants also took part in generating their own ideas about heritage – objects, places, people – that they felt were important to add to the already rich mix of material. Artist Annette Allison who has been delivering creative writing workshops was also on hand to help answer questions and to support hands on scribing of ideas. Further community events are planned as is a forthcoming partners meeting where we hope to share ideas with other individuals and organisations working across East Dunbartonshire to explore potential for crossover and working together as the trail develop.