Thomas Muir Festival:Pechakucha Evening! Thursday 20th of November

27.11.14 / By Esmee Thompson-Smith / Secondary Schools Active Heritage

The Pechakucha Event at William Patrick Library went down a storm! Our young artists and designers from 4 secondary schools engaged thier audience with strking presentations about local artists which they have connected with international artists and thier own creative interests. Participating schools were St Ninians and Kirkintilloch High, lenzie and Boclair Academy. Pupils worked with Rachel Mimiec and Kate Black to research, design and perform thier Pechakuchas. A Pechakucha is a creative presentation style which involves using 20 images for 20 seconds per image. We also had guest speakers Lizzie Smith from Collective Architecture, Trevor Cromie our Artist in the Archives and Neil McGuire from After the News. The programme of participating volunteer pupils and thier presentations can be found in the project page. Next year we will be working with our remaining secondary schools.