'Shoulder to shoulder' screening at Kirkintilloch Town Hall

02.09.21 / By Hannah Willetts / The Foundry Collection at the Auld Kirk Museum
  • S to S screening at KTH

On 2nd September 2021 we screened documentary film ‘Shoulder to shoulder’ at Kirkintilloch town hall. The film follows the history of the foundries in Kirkintilloch as told through personal recollections, made by artist Becky Sik and volunteers Paul Monaghan, Jim Cuzen and Lauren Forrest.

Part way through the screening, we took a break to look at some hand tools from the foundry collection. We had some excellent conversations about the Kirky foundries, including a bit of help identifying the tools!

George, a former pattern-maker from the Lion Foundry, demonstrated the use of an iron hook and a draw spike for us. He also kindly brought in a medal to show everyone, it was awarded during his training for ‘Best Patternmaker Apprentice’.

One attendee, Wilson, had worked in the office of a foundry in Bonnybridge. And another attendee called George, told us about his house, which was built for the owner of one of the local foundries and still features a number of cast iron details.

We loved hearing these stories and watching ‘Shoulder to shoulder’ together.
Thank you to everyone for coming along!

Be sure to look out for future events with the foundry collection project.