Rachel and Kate, Art and Drama in Primary schools

All the schools ( except Bearsden ) mapped their favourite places in their local area through a drama exercise. However Torrance pupils did something a bit different, they chose their favorite animals they see in and around Torrance. There is actually a local donkey called Kevin, I kid you not. St Machan’s debate, obviously playing a big part in their lives. It was really noticeable how often they spoke about walking and cycling and the old railway line, playing a big part in linking the campsie villages. The Kirkie kids at St Agatha’s really like their food with local restaurants featuring high in the my favourite places list. There was also a place where adventure sounded like it was popular – the nature park or as it is better known the “Nachy” was a great place to make a den or two. Milngavie primary like to stay close to home, mugdock country park was favorite place and they spoke about burns ( water not poet ) in the area. Water, getting wet and muddy in the local landscape was a common theme with all schools. Bearsden primary painted a picture of thier younger selves or sibling in the style of artist Joan Eardley with some fantastic results. Next week enters Sadie McLellan stained glass artist, the Calico Print Works and Artist Sir George Pirie. Introductions to Rita Cowan the mother of Japanese whisky have already been made at St Agathas.