Music fun at Lenzie nursery

Children at Lenzie nursery learned about how Lenzie developed alongside the railway, the people that commuted to work in Glasgow and what Lenzie was like before the railway, looking at pictures of the fields and farms. Over 6 sessions the children made music with things that you might find on a farm (milk churn, washbowl and jug, egg weighing machine, shoe lass), in an office (typewriter, rotary phone, paper, our voices), in a school (chalk, marbles, school bell, wooden rulers, bouncing ball, skipping ropes) and at home (Carpet beater, sweeping brush, metal bucket, cod bottle, egg beater) . We had fun creating the sound of a steam train (our voices), car journeys (our voices, car horn) taking us on adventures in time with Katie Bairdie. We loved singing songs and saying rhymes! The children recorded their own sounds using iPad, creating soundscapes using the Loopy app.
You can listen to their work here: