Kirkintilloch Exploring Women's Histories

21.03.15 / By Fiona Dean / Exploring Women's Histories
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In March of this year we held our Kirkintilloch focused Women’s History event, part of a series of workshops being delivered in partnership with Glasgow Women’s Library across 11 East Dunbartonshire towns and villages. The event was a cosy occasion with a small but very interested, engaged and informed turn out of participants. The smaller numbers encouraged much more in-depth discussion and a big part of the eventing involved us sitting together in question and answer about Trails and Tales and our links with Glasgow Women’s Library, as well as team members being able to delve much more deeply into the many observations and ideas being suggested by those attending the session. Janice Miller, East Dunbartonshire archivist who has attended several of our previous events was also on hand to support and reference items in the archive that might support further exploration. Former chief librarian for Strathkelvin, Alice Mackenzie attended her second Women’s History event and again brought her remarkable, almost photographic memory of Lenzie (as well as wider East Dunbartonshire) to the fore. The map from the evening is now on-line and Trails and Tales are in the process of recruiting a volunteer to work with us in adding detail to the information on women that’s being generated by all of the events.