Exploring heritage in nurseries through music

24.06.15 / By Fiona Dean / Exploring Heritage through Music
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Kirsty Hamilton has been continuing her work exploring heritage with nursery age children and the visit to Colquhoun Park showed fantastic engagement with a whole host of heritage ideas, objects and stories. From a cheesemaker to a farmyard chain, Kirsty introduced the children to an array of objects from bygone days – again through the eyes of Katie Bairdie, the trusted rag doll! This time Katie’s journey was to a farmhouse and the heritage objects brought to life a way of living long gone. All of the objects were handled and used to open up a story, as well as off up their own unique sound – the wooden paddles of the cheesemaker; the rattle of the chain – all were shaken and turned and recorded by the children on an iPad and then merged together to make new heritage soundscapes. The visit was on the last day of term and all of the children were enthusiastic and excited as they interacted with the objects and made new songs and soundscapes.