Democratic logging

  • a Selecting items to look at
  • b Dogs head former 1
  • c Dogs head former 2
  • d Plaster mold for Waterloo Station

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Early on in the project I took the decision to read through the accession books for the Aulk Kirk Museum collection. There are 3 books in total that detail every single object added to the collections since 1974, for good reason they are locked away in a fire proof safe and you can only view one at a time. When I started readying through them I knew I had made the right decision, these books gave me a detailed insight into the collection. It was totally engrossing. The democracy of the accession books was refreshing, all entries are given equal status, I was also struck by the variety of objects included. These ranged from dogs head formers from the Lion Foundry, plaster casts for a decorative head which still adorns Waterloo Station, London, right through to sticky plasters, used tubes of ointment and combs, my mind was boggled!