Walking in Torrance with Alison Graham

23.07.14 / By Esmee Thompson-Smith /
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This July Fiona and I walked in Torrance with local historian Alison Graham. Located in “The Eleven Ploughs of Balgrochan” we set out on what was a beautiful summer’s evening and walked for a fabulous 3 hours along the canal and through all the rights of way. It was wonderful to see the stunning rural areas of Torrance and the beautiful homes which people have built on their own land. We also viewed George Pirie’s home, visited the location of the old Mill and encountered a few horses. We spoke about Miss Pirie and her role within the village and the Torrance Girl Guides. Alison brought photographs from the past so we could compare these to the same present locations. Alison also brought with her a very old map of Torrance which she plans to copy and conserve.